Bronze Pentawards 2015
CRU pet food
Packaging design for dogs & cats natural raw food
100% natural dog & cat food based on the raw (BARF) diet and ready to serve.
El Horno de ALDI
Global packaging project for Aldi supermarkets. A work that does not consist exclusively in the design of each product, but is based on creating a style for Aldi to make it a recognisable brand, where the main concept is to convey transparency, clarity and honesty.
Blue Water Coffee
Premium brand for 100% natural juices and smoothies showcasing a pure and balanced lifestyle. Made with love.
Rebranding of Ambar, Zaragoza based beer brand.
Leche Pascual
Concept and packaging for dairy product by Leche Pascual.
Bē Honey
Australian premium honey brand, specialising in active honey – containing high levels of antibacterial activity.
Feet care creams by CINFA – a specific pharmacy product brought to the world of cosmetics.
Adarci skincare is formulated using bio-organic plant actives and therapeutic essential oils that encourage calmness and healing.
Special de ALDI
Premium brand of ALDI Supermarkets – an assortment of gourmet or "Special" prepared dishes.
Ambar 0,0
The perfect balance between a quality 0,0 beer and real fruit juice. Ambar Lemon & Apple are thoughtfully designed to refresh – a healthy alternative to traditional beer or just your first choice.
Beneath Your Mask
Packaging design for Beneath Your Mask – pure, luxurious, all-natural products loaded with tons of healing ingredients that appeal to all the senses.
UMA Oils
Organic oils based in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and handcrafted formulas from the farms in India.
Els Marges
Branding and packaging for red wine "ELS MARGES" from Bodega Dos por Dos winery, located in El Priorat (Catalonia, Spain).
MOIRAI is a brand created for frozen packed gourmet food.
Keeping up with the craft essence of the brand, the design of this beer aims to make a difference through its carefree character.
Buenas Migas
Branding and packaging for Buenas Migas with homemade products: organic jams, craft-beer, organic juices and homemade gazpacho.
Modern Typography of 1920s
Editorial design for a book about modern typography in the 1920's
Post Toasties
FMCG packaging re-design for the Spanish market. Post Toasties are the original toasted corn flakes from 1895 in USA.
Branding and packaging design for elixirs for the brain with super powers.
Eco-packaging design for bakery products. A method that consists of an oven safe wrapping paper that can be reused at home.
Lokum "Naslada"
Branding and packaging design for bulgarian delight (lokum) highlighting their origin as their principal attribute.
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